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The BeLieve Movement

Part of why we do what we do !

The "BeLieve" Movement was established to bring awareness to bullying, low self-esteem, and teenage suicide. The goal is to address community safety issues in schools and neighborhoods. Through education advocacy, and service-learning projects, the "BeLieve" for Safer Communities Youth Council seeks to increase awareness about the seriousness of bullying and violence and garner community-wide support to address the issue.

The "BeLieve" Movement - National Bullying Prevention Campaign has a goal of obtaining one-thousand (1,000) signed No Bullying pledges by the end of 2018. 

Moved by the stories of several young girls and having experienced bullying herself, One Talent, Inc. Co-founder, Kamilah Burrow (aka Milah), wrote, produced, and performed "Believe In Yourself" to encourage the youth and adults to take a stand against bullying and violence.

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