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By supporting One Talent, Inc., you will be helping young girls obtain free mentorship, entry into workshops, access to educational resources, and work development skills. Through empowerment, community involvement, and genuine concern for our young ladies, we are building respectable leaders of the future by providing them with invaluable skills that will equip them to be their very best. Because One Talent, Inc. is a non-fee based program for participants, we operate primarily utilizing donations from our partners, sponsors, and contributors. Will you consider donating today?

$150 - Funds two workshop sessions and activities.
$200- Will supply of life coaching and mentoring sessions for two girls for one month. 
$500 - Covers travel expenses for field trips, educational events, and outdoor activities. 
$1,000 - Will support 5 girls to receive STEAM programming.
$2,500 - Covers expenses for 5 teen girls to receive career development training.   

Your contribution and support of One Talent, Inc. means much to the success of our young participants.  

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