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Bully-Free Zone

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Our girls had a great experience learning to cope with bullying and how to help a fellow friend out. In our modern day, many people , sometimes even our little "angels" , believe that a small remark won't go a long way to hurting some one else's feelings. This can bring low self esteem upon the victim. We also encourage our girls to #BeLieve in their selves no matter what, if they dream it they can achieve it.

An exercise was done between the girls to bring awareness about bullying and how to keep spreading love.

Our girls were guided step by step on how to stop bullying. We did a short exercise to revitalize our girl's input on how to stop bullying. This has brought plenty insight on how our girls can make a difference in the community or even the world by saying some kind words and completed kind actions.

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